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State Minister for Tourism Rukundo has urged Ugandans to take time off their busy schedules to visit the country’s heritages and natural endowments to get to know its richness.
Officiating at an exhibition about the Rwenzori Mountain and its peoples at the Uganda Museum on Saturday, Rukundo said most Ugandans were oblivious of their country’s endowments.

Among those at the exhibition were the director of Italian mountains Aldo Audition, Italian diplomats, tourists and a few Ugandans. You can see that the numbers of Ugandans who have turned up at this event are just a handful. Instead, it is people from other countries who desire to know more about this country than its people, He said there was a lot to be done to sensitise Ugandans to appreciate the beauty of their country.

Audisio said Uganda was a beautiful country with rich fauna and flora that all should cherish.

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Rwenzori National Park

Rwenzori national Park contains 6 snow caped peaks, 3 which are glaciers. Excellent mountaineering and hiking opportunities are available, Contact