I arrived in time just as we had scheduled with Moses, Billy picked me from the airport with jolly friendly expression on his face, I had slept almost half of the trip because I did not want to miss seeing anything in Uganda because of exhaustion.

It was still 4am in the morning and I was done with the clearance at the airport, I got into the car which was spacious enough for me to add myself a little nap. I remember Billy started driving at exactly 5 because of my insistence Billy agreed to start driving, we got to Kampala after 45 minutes  and later via mityana , mubende we  were in fort portal where along the way we passed through huge tea plantations which made the place very beautiful, I witnessed they had grown a lot of eucalyptus and unlike western  Uganda I felt that the people in mubende had not done enough to preserve their natural environment, well that was my observation despite this we cannot neglect the fact mubende is such a beautiful town generally speaking Uganda is very beautiful as a whole .

We got to fort portal and drove to the mountain of the moon hotel for lunch after which I settled in to the hotel and later on decided to take a walk around the small city. The city is much organised unlike Kampala and also clean, I noticed that the people there are very friendly and welcoming. In the night I went to one of the inns for a drink and back to the hotel for my sleep. The following morning I was taken to kibale national park the drive took 3 hours. When we got there I joined other tourist for briefing and we then went to trek the chimps. This was one of those exciting adventure that I will keep pondering at, I had numerous falls as we were trekking, kibale is one of those amazing spot where you will enjoy nature walks the sounds of the birds, colubus monkeys and trust me after the primate walk I had seen basically so many things that I believe I had not paid for the different tree species and the guide was kind enough to explain their traditional  uses and much more we letter came back for lunch and then we left for  a community trail at the KAFRED , we moved to look at the different project that were being undertaken by the community and later we went through to bigodi wetland sanctuary as our last destination for the day. We took the board walk which took two hours after which I went to spend the night at a near lodge which is situated along Lake Nkruba, three days in Uganda so far so good.

The following day was all fleshing took breakfast at the shores of the lake and later we drove to kabarole. Whoever knows the beauty found in this places will attest that this was a truly rewarding trip for me, the water falls , the caves and lastly we went for hill climbing this was a little streounous but at the same time very interesting , I thought I would not manage to climb because of my weight but the guide was very encouraging and very patient with me each tip we reached at I viewed  the beauty of Uganda at vast. I had to shed a tear because of my experience, I viewed the lakes from the tip of the hill and I was contented, no complaints I will do this again and again. Next time is in Uganda I would love to climb the hills in kabarole and do another more exciting activity